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How a person feels about their job and career prospects, both now and in the future, and forms a key part of an individual’s overall wellbeing.  

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What is career wellbeing?

Career wellbeing is how a person feels about their job and career prospects, both now and in the future, and forms a key part of an individual’s overall wellbeing.  

It is a measure of how somebody feels their job meets their expectations in terms of the impact of the work they do, how their talents and skills are being developed and used, their prospects, relationships, general employee experience and work/life balance.

How does career wellbeing affect business?

Individuals who have poor career wellbeing are likely disengaged, less satisfied at work, less productive and more likely to underperform.  The problems this presents businesses are obvious.  Under motivated, disengaged workers are a drain on financial resources and can affect the culture of the business as well as the employee experience of colleagues and team members.

High performing employees on the other hand, appreciate and expect their employers to support them with training, upskilling and career prospects.  If you want to keep hold of your best employees, it’s important to recognise this and put support in place.

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Give Your employees career wellbeing a boost

Career wellbeing is one of the 5 Pillars of Wellbeing, a framework that underpins and forms our Wellbeing Score.  

By answering questions relating to your wellbeing strategy and your current support, we help businesses understand what they are doing well, what gaps they may have and where they may be able to improve things. 

Once you have your wellbeing score.  You can get tailored recommendations through the platform, and our awesome team are on hand to help guide and support you.

Unlock the Power of Wellbeing

We help businesses improve employee engagement and performance by addressing underlying causes such as burn out, financial stress, poor mental health, and other contributing factors.

Step 1 - Understand your starting point

Get your Wellbeing Score and Report

Create an account in just a few minutes and get started. Our questionnaire walks you through some simple straight forward steps to get a feeling for how you approach wellbeing and what you have in place.

Work through in your own time or for the biggest impact, book time and let one of our friendly team take you through the full Love Your Employee experience.

Step 2 - Make a plan

Get recommendations, guidance and support

Our smart software generates all the information you need to make a plan tailored to the needs of your business.  We signpost potential support, areas where to focus and our team are always on hand throughout – just ask!

We believe the blend of technology and the human touch works best.

Step 3 - Put your plan in to action!

Small changes can have big results. It makes sense to identify key problem areas and start addressing these first.  For many this will involve engaging your own people and asking them what they value and expect from their employer – we can help with this too!

It’s never too early to get started.

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