The Love your Employees Platform

Built around the 5 Pillars of Wellbeing, our platform provides tools, insights, and measurable data to help you shape your employee wellbeing strategy and source solutions that truly fit your organisation.

Key Features

Wellbeing Score

Your wellbeing score is an indication of the strength of your employee wellbeing initiatives and how they stack up against today’s best practices and standards.

We are at the beginning of our journey to help make wellbeing measurable for businesses, giving people actionable insight for discussion and use in the boardroom. 

Workplace wellness makes commercial sense. Build a healthier organisation from the inside out.


We’ve built the first marketplace of its kind to help employers across the UK find wellbeing support, solutions, and inspiration as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

There are so many fantastic solutions out there doing great things for employee wellbeing, but they can be hard to find.  We want to save you time and hassle and put genuine solutions at your fingertips, no matter your budget or size of your workforce.

We know nobody likes to be pestered by constant cold calls and emails, the marketplace is designed to let you do your research, gather information, and get an idea of who and what is out there to help support your employees.

We are a new proposition in the reward, benefit, and employee support space.  We are not a benefits platform 👀 it’s a marketplace to bring you choice, information, and knowledge.

Your Benefits Review

You can work through our review in your own time, without pressure, to gain insight into your core benefits to identify where improvements (if any!) can be made.

Your Pension Review​

A good performing pension, wrapped with high quality member support can form the cornerstone of a business’ financial wellbeing strategy. Often employers use the savings made when upgrading their scheme to fund more wellbeing products or services for their employees! A win-win!

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It is free for businesses and organisations to use our platform. It’s our mission to embed wellbeing in organisational culture across the UK and beyond.

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