Employee Wellbeing at the heart of your culture

Employee wellbeing drives business performance.  Putting the wellbeing of employees front and central:

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Workplace wellbeing is not all about yoga classes and baskets of fruit.


Make Employee Wellbeing a Strategic Business Objective

Burnout, financial stress, mental health crisis, work/life balance, the fight for talent, quiet quitting, the great rethink, the cost-of-living crisis. These are complex issues that are difficult to get to grips with.

For wellbeing initiatives to be successful and cost effective, you need to have a plan. There is no magic wand. Get your wellbeing score or let us carry out a wellbeing audit as a starting point to your strategy.

Accessible technology that saves you time and hassle

We know your time is often restrained and your team are stretched. Focus on your core business activities and let us help you fill in the gaps. Our technology is designed to support you in your role by making things quicker and easier.

We are bringing together everyone in one place to make things easier for you.


We help you get the most out of your Employee wellbeing budget

If you have a budget designated for wellbeing our technology and team can match you with solutions that best address your specific needs.

If you don’t, we can help you create one. Our review tools can show you where you can save money or improve the quality of what you offer for the same cost. We also have exclusive deals and offers you can’t find anywhere else.

Why is employee wellbeing important?

It’s widely accepted nowadays that employee wellbeing impacts business performance. There are many studies looking at how absence, presenteeism, burn out and various other negative behaviours drain the resources of organisations. We want to help businesses take proactive steps to changing this narrative.

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an employer’s average return for every £1 invested in wellbeing

Unlock the Power of Employee Wellbeing

We help businesses improve employee engagement and performance by addressing underlying causes such as burn out, financial stress, poor mental health, and other contributing factors.

Step 1 - Understand your starting point

Get your Wellbeing Score and Report

Create an account in just a few minutes and get started. Our questionnaire walks you through some simple straight forward steps to get a feeling for how you approach wellbeing and what you have in place.

Work through in your own time or for the biggest impact, book time and let one of our friendly team take you through the full Love Your Employee experience.

Step 2 - Make a plan

Get recommendations, guidance and support

Our smart software generates all the information you need to make a plan tailored to the needs of your business.  We signpost potential support, areas where to focus and our team are always on hand throughout – just ask!

We believe the blend of technology and the human touch works best.

Step 3 - Put your plan in to action!

Small changes can have big results. It makes sense to identify key problem areas and start addressing these first.  For many this will involve engaging your own people and asking them what they value and expect from their employer – we can help with this too!

It’s never too early to get started.

The Pillars of wellbeing

Our app is built on the 5 Pillars of Wellbeing Framework. A foundation on which you can build your wellbeing strategy and processes.


How a person feels about their job and career prospects, both now and in the future.


A sense of belonging and inclusivity and alignment with company values.


Where a person feels secure in their financial future, can meet obligations, and make choices to enjoy life.


Feeling good about yourself, the world around you and being able to get on with life in the way you want.


The ability to maintain a healthy and balanced life without physical limitation, physical stress or fatigue.

Get Started

It is free for businesses and organisations to use our platform. It’s our mission to embed wellbeing in organisational culture across the UK and beyond.

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