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Modern family structures are becoming more complicated. As individuals many people are also becoming wealthier than ever before. It is not surprising, therefore, that there are numerous threats that can prevent their estate from reaching its desired destination.

From expensive legal fees, to future relationships, resulting in sideways disinheritance, divorce, financial problems and Inheritance Tax. There are now many ways in which their children’s and grandchildren’s inheritance can be diluted, or even completely lost.

All of these can be avoided with carefully considered planning. Carried out at the right time and for the right reasons, estate planning is the means by which someone can protect their wealth for their chosen beneficiaries.  

Workplace Education

Depending on your needs and preferences as a business, our estate planning specialist can deliver estate planning education in your workplace. Typically in the first instance, a group workshop (15-20 attendees) would be arranged where the basics would be covered.  If any employees would like further advice this can then be done on a 1-2-1 basis, usually in the employee’s home so that a spouse or partner is present.  These consultations are free and without obligation.

Our specialist estate planning partner will work closely with you, the employer, to deliver a bespoke education programme that fits in with your workforce.  Employee engagement with this topic is strong as it is not well documented, meaning it is highly valued by employees.  Typically, they would have to visit (and pay) for a solicitor to learn about these topics. Our partner deliver an education led programme to help people understand their situation and how to address any threats they may be exposed to.

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