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Many advisers and providers will help you implement a pension scheme for your business.  Once the scheme is in place however, their involvement often stops and employees have little to go on in terms of advice or guidance other than scheme documentation and a handbook.  

In order to fully maximise the value of their pension scheme and increase engagement, employers should consider a financial education programme to specifically focus on advice around the pension scheme.  Helping employees understand their options around their risk profile, contributions levels, investment choice and how these differ depending on their life stage is crucial in helping employees understand and appreciate the value of the pension scheme.

We’ll Source the Best Partner for Your Needs

We can arrange for you to speak to partners who offer scheme specific financial advice to your employees.  Depending on the format of how you would like the advice delivered, the makeup of your workforce and locality, we can line up exploratory meetings with businesses who specialise in offering this type of educational advice and guidance.

  • Increases engagement and awareness of the scheme
  • Demonstrates the value of your company pension scheme
  • Helps employees make better financial decisions
  • Reducing financial stress improves productivity
  • Helps to attract and retain employees

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