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Income Protection, (formerly known as PHI Permanent Health Insurance) is an employee benefit that provides monthly tax free income until an employee is well enough to go back to work. There are a huge range of policies, options and costs available in the market and our partners can help match you to right level of benefit for your workforce and budget.

Premiums depend on someone’s age, medical history and occupation but are generally fairly small (as little as 30p pp/per day). Payments start after sick pay ends and are paid until either an employee starts working again, or they retire, or die or until the end of the policy (whichever first).  This employee benefit is particularly popular with self-employed or employed staff without sick pay.  Income protection is different from Critical Illness benefit which generally pays a one-off lump sum in the event of a specific serious illness.

Workplace Benefits

We can arrange for you to speak to partners who can advise, broker or supply fantastic income protection schemes.  Depending on the demographic and and make up of your workforce, your budget and locality, we can line up exploratory meetings with businesses who specialise in offering this type of protection product.

Group income protection benefit is a popular and cost effective employee benefit to provide. It helps you manage sickness and associated costs in your company. Benefits can be used to pay for the rehabilitation and medical costs associated to helping employees get back to work. There are a wide range of providers, options for cover and costs.

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