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Loving your employees starts with the basics…and it doesn’t have to be exciting!

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It doesn’t matter if you have 5 employees or 5000, the same rules apply.

Employment Law, hardly the most inspiring of terms, but probably the most important when it comes to building trust and looking after your employees.

As a minimum, employees want confidence that their contracts are lawful and that you as their employer treat them fairly and in line with the law.  It is important that employees have the necessary protections in place that give them the comfort and freedom to go and do the job you employed them to do.

Our HR and Employment Law partners offer all manner of services to businesses to help them deliver first class protection for their employees.  The trust this creates between employees and your business cannot be underestimated.  

Who Doesn’t Love a Comfort Blanket

The unfortunate truth is many businesses are simply unaware of what risks they face or where they are exposed.  More often than not, this isn’t through deliberate negligence or anything malicious, it’s simply due to the fact that the vast majority of businesses don’t have the luxury of having an in house expert employed solely to deal with it.  Of course, the constant changes to legislation mean that even having 1 person in house isn’t enough, especially if it’s not the main focus of their role.

Our partners can provide you with outsourced expertise and access to support 7 days a week

Ensuring you have the appropriate contracts of employment in place is a legal requirement for every employer. It is, however, as important to set out your expectations of the employee through different policies and procedures (Employee Handbook). Having this structure in place gives both employee and employer peace of mind and confidence that the finer details have been addressed.

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