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A Good Quality Pension Scheme is Highly Valued by Employees

Thanks to a number of online platforms and the emergence of Auto Enrolment even the smallest employers can offer their employees access to a good quality group pension scheme.  Studies continue to show that pensions are the company benefit valued most by employees.  With the cost of living increasing and both employers and employees feeling the squeeze, a pension can be a huge factor in attracting and retaining quality, talented staff.

Let’s face it, there is nothing glamorous about pensions, but what they do…they do very well.

What’s more, they are likely to become even more highly rated in the future. The changes to Pensions freedom mean employees have greater access to their funds from the age of 55 – and no longer need to buy an annuity.  The extra control and flexibility this gives people in how they spend their pension will only increase their popularity.

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Pensions are a very useful recruitment and retention tool for employees. Administering the scheme is not the admin based slog of days gone by.  As technology develops, so too does the ease in which people can monitor their pensions and engage with them.  Heavy duty, paper based admin will be a thing of the past as people can manage their money on tablets and phones.  This technological shift is making pensions easier to understand and adding to their value as a benefit to employees.

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