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Group Critical Illness cover provides a lump sum benefit if one of your employees is diagnosed with a critical illness or undergoes one of the listed operations (these vary from policy to policy).

By providing a Group Critical Illness benefit to your workforce, it helps to demonstrate that you care about your employees and their welfare – the last thing anyone wants when they are ill is additional financial worries. Group Critical Illness cover gives employees a lump sum to spend on anything they need; paying bills, making alterations to their home (as a result of their illness) or to help with their recovery.

Group Critical Illness can even be offered as a flexible benefit to your employees.

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For your employees the benefits are financial security and the ability to pay bills and additional expenses at a time when they have serious illness and worry.

As an employer, it’s more than providing a valued employee benefit that helps you recruit talented people, this benefit helps you to ‘do the right thing’. Critical Illness benefit supports employees and colleagues when they are in crisis and at a time when they need it most. When they are prevented from working (temporarily or permanently), when they have lost some or all of their income and when they have additional expenses – this benefit provides a financial solution and relief for one worry.

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