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Many companies have a historical benefits package in place which simply isn’t working for them. In terms of priority, employee benefits are on a back burner and are managed on a ‘that’s the way we’ve always done it’ basis. The benefits offered may be typical of an industry sector and the same as competitor’s packages, but they are just not working at recruiting, motivating and retaining staff. Employee benefits are an expensive overhead – making the most of what you have can make a real difference to your bottom line.

There can be many reasons why an employee benefit package is ineffective. It can be down to apathy, lack of understanding, leadership or how a benefits package is managed and how the choices are communicated to employees. Platforms offer ability to educate and inspire your staff. You can help your teams appreciate and value of the benefits you offer. You can use the technology your employees are comfortable with, such as Facebook, texts or apps to stimulate interest and participation. You can build fun themes or have competitions that dovetail with your strategy and vision for your company.

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Reward platforms are an affordable and secure way of administering and communicating employee benefits. Benefits and rewards can be paid for by employers and/or employees through payroll or salary sacrifice. Employers generally pay for the administration of the Platform. You will be surprised at how little it costs to kick start or launch an employee benefits platform that stimulates recruitment and productivity with your team.

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