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Not All Auto Enrolment Schemes are Created Equal...

Auto Enrolment (or you may know it as the workplace pension) is Government led legislation that says all employers, no matter how small, need to offer and enrol their employees in a qualifying workplace pension scheme.

As dull as that may sound (to some!) Auto Enrolment presents an opportunity for employers to show their employees some love.  There are lots of schemes available so let us help you shop around to choose the best fit for your circumstances.

The reason these changes are being introduced is that too few people are saving as much as they should for retirement.  In general, there’s a big gap between the kind of lifestyle people hope to enjoy in retirement and the kind of lifestyle that they’re on track to be able to afford.  Employees shouldn’t rely on the State Pension to cover them in retirement.

Depending on the approach you want to take to Auto Enrolment, we have partners who would love to help you!  We have sourced the best providers in the market for you, so whether you are looking for a budget friendly solution or something more robust with some financial education for your employees rolled in, we’ve got you covered.

Auto Enrolment is a legal requirement for employers and there are many ways to approach the implementation within your business.  New schemes have been created solely to cater for the budget end of the market, while others take a more involved, hands on approach.  Auto Enrolment provides employers with the opportunity to go the extra distance and implement a scheme that does more than the bare minimum which can be of benefit to your employees in the long run.  We can align you with the right partner and guide you in the right direction.

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